by Mercy Nygie
(Ligao, Philippines)

Childhood to adult pictures

Scrapbooks by Design editor comments:

This layout does a great job of connecting the collage feel with the doodling! Doodling can be hard to do for scrapbookers who are a little more ordered, but it's well worth a shot. Using a collage layout like this is a great way to expand your creativity and give something like doodling a try.

A few notes:

  • You can also try using black and white photos with colored markers for doodling.
  • Use markers that are made for writing directly on photos to avoid smearing. Check out Slick Writers by American Crafts.
  • If you're really concerned about making a mistake and messing up a photo, you can either make copies of the photos or use a transparency overlay to do your doodling on.

For more great creative scrapbook layout ideas, check out our page on scrapbook techniques.

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