Scrapbooking Pens: Telling Your Story

Your scrapbooking pens are the tools you use to tell the stories behind you pictures. Look for pens labeled pigment ink, archival, waterproof, and fade proof. It's especially important that your pen doesn't bleed (leak out into the paper and away from your writing). Most pens designed for scrapbooking will work just fine - and most are acid free . Many colors are available, but black is all you really need to get started.

Unfortunately, many beginning scrapbook artists overlook this important tool. Don't get so caught up in the paper, stickers, and pictures that you forget to tell the story behind the pictures - what we call journaling .

Acid Free Pens

For journaling you will need a few fine tipped, quick drying, acid free scrapbooking pens. I recommend Slick Writers from American Crafts . Slick writers work great on cardstock, photos, vellum and more. Use Slick Writers for your journaling or photo labeling.

Vanishing Ink Pen

Like the name says the Vanishing Ink Pen vanishes. The purple ink will disappear after a few minutes giving you enough time to measure and cut or re-write in a permanent pen. Forget the pencil and eraser, get a Vanishing Ink Pen.

Journaling Genie Vanishing Ink Pen-
- $ 3.23
Scrapbook and journal crafters wil lbe delighted to know their erasing da ys are over. Perfect for use with the Journaling Genie Templates on ligh t colored paper. The light pink line that appears when a shape is traced disappears a few hours later. Photo safe.

Don't spend too much time picking out a pen. Remember that it is just a tool to help you tell a story. You'll be better served to spend that time crafting quality journaling for your pages. Journaling the stories behind your pictures in your own handwriting helps add that personal touch to your pages that will be appreciated by generations to come.

Did you know that scrapbook pens should ideally be stored horizontally? Check out our Organization pages for more tips on storing your scrapbooking pens.

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