Buying Scrapbooking Paper

Following these tips for buying scrapbooking paper will help you save money AND select the right paper to compliment your layouts!

Tip #1: Buy for Color

It's important to take time to prep before you head out the door - just a few minutes in preparation can save you bundles when you're shopping! Before you leave, select one or two base colors found in your photos. Then, you determine the possible color scheme relationships available using the color wheel .

I truly believe that color matching creates the best possible layouts. It's often hard to remember which colors you were in the photos when you're shopping which is why we suggest...

Tip #2: Take your pictures with you.

I know, I know it sounds like quite a hassle. Trust me, if you take your photos, scrapbook color wheel, and other elements you plan on using with you when you shop, you will help guarantee that the paper, stickers, etc that you are buying will create a great layout.

When I shop, I sort my photos into a 12 x 12 paper holder. This allows me to keep my photos organized by theme, and then when I purchase the paper and supplies for a layout, I can slide them right in with the pictures. I like the Scrapfolio expandable case from Creative Visions.

Generations Scrapfolio Expandable 12x12 Storage Case - $12.50

Retail Price: $22.50
You Save: $10.00

Shopping does take me a little bit longer using this method - but who doesn't love to shop? Besides, I save tons of time later because when I'm ready to scrap, everything for one layout is all stored together.

Tip #3: Buy only the paper you need.

In general, you will need 2 sheets of background scrapbooking paper and 1-2 different styles/colors of matting or patterned paper for each layout. Make sure you buy enough sheets of the matting paper to mat all the pictures you plan on using for your page, but don't fall into the trap of buying paper you don't know that you'll use. Avoiding impulse buying will help you save tons of money which brings us to...

Tip #4: Watch the P's and Q's

Scrapbooking paper costs scrapbook artists thousands of dollars each year. To help save some money, watch your local scrapbook store for sales and check out their clearance racks for great deals on paper.

For more deals and steals check out:

  • Hobby Lobby is a craft and home decor store that offers weekly deals on various areas of the store. Check their weekly ad for the times when scrapbooking paper is 50% off!

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Now that you have all this great paper, keep it organized with our suggestions on scrapbook paper storage.

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