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Scrapbooking with Your Child's Artwork and Other School Projects

The start of another school year brings with it a multitude of school projects; stories, arts and crafts, writing assignments, and other projects filter into your home on a regular basis. Coming up with scrapbooking page ideas for your child's school projects can be a daunting task. The tips below should help you make sense of these artistic memories!

  1. Scan and Re-size

    To do the scanning and re-sizing using Microsoft Word, check out these scrapbooking page ideas using your computer.

    If you have a computer with a scanner, you can scan the project and re-size it so that it will fit within your layout. Many children's writing is quite large, so you should be able to shrink the projects down to a more manageable size without compromising the integrity of the project. If you do not have a personal scanner, you can also take the projects to a copy center (like Kinko's), scan and re-size them, and have them printed there.scrapbooking page ideas
    scrapbooking page ideasDo you have hundreds of art and school projects sitting in a closet? Having trouble deciding which ones to include in your scrapbook? Try making 3 piles: Keep, Photograph/Scan, or Discard (or giveaway to the Grandparents!). Then, go through the piles that you plan to keep and photograph one more time, and use this scrapbook mother's tips for paring down the artwork that deserves a special place in your memory album.

  2. Take Photos of the Projects

    Another option if you don't have access to a scanner is to take a photo of the project and then add the photo to your scrapbook layout. This has a similar effect as scanning and re-sizing, but the quality isn't always quite as nice when you're taking photos. Be sure to experiment in different kinds of light, with different flash settings, and different background colors to find the settings that show off each piece the best.

  3. Add Project Sized Page Protectors

    Adding a whole full sized layout just for one second grade story or preschool art project may make your album too large. Instead, slip the project into an 8.5 x 11 sized page protector and insert the project into the middle of your layout. This will add less bulk to your book, but keep the project accessible to those who view the album.

    Memory Keepers Sheet Protector Refills - 8.5 x 11 3-Ring

  4. Create a Project Scrapbook

    Rather than incorporating your child's artwork and journaling into your family photo or memory book, consider creating a scrapbook dedicated just to his school projects. A scrapbook album dedicated to artistic creations would be a special keepsake for any child. You can use any of the scrapbooking page ideas mentioned here as a part of this dedicated album to keep the layouts fresh and unique.

  5. Trim and Crop

    Don't be afraid to take a pair of scissors to a piece of artwork! Many projects are full of "white space" that will take up unnecessary room in your layout. Instead, crop out just the special or notable sections of the artwork and mount them on your layout.

    In this layout, the designer cropped out just a few of the drawing elements and matted them to draw attention to them.

    scrapbooking page ideas

    I hope you find these scrapbooking page ideas helpful when working with your child's school projects and artwork! Those special creations are full of fantastic memories you won't want to lose.

    Still struggling to preserve your child's artwork and school projects? Let us help! Our professional scrapbook designers will create a scrapbook album create a scrapbook album dedicated to your child's artistic creations.

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