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Scrapbooking consultants are a relatively recent phenomenon. They have exploded across the country in the same way that scrapbooking has taken off. But what is a consultant? What do they do? How much do they charge? The answers to these questions and more may be found below.

Q: What is a scrapbook consultant?

A: This question really has two answers because there are two different types of scrapbooking consultants.

The first type of consultant is very common. They usually work for a scrapbook supply company (like Creative Memories or Top Line Creations). They make their money by selling you their company's product. They host scrapbooking shows that demonstrate the company's tools, papers, embellishments, and albums and host crops where people get together to scrapbook for an afternoon, evening, or weekend. The consultant is available during the crop to give you advice, sell you product, or just tell you how wonderful your page looks. There is usually a fee charged to attend the crop.

The second type of scrapbooking consultant is much less common. These consultants usually either work for themselves or for a local scrapbook store. They often host classes that teach new scrapbook techniques and offer new ideas. The also are available for one-on-one work. During a one-on-one work session, the consultant will work closely with the client helping choose paper, create designs, and work out new layouts teaching as they go. These consultants charge either per class or per hour.

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Q: I need help with my scrapbook. Which type of scrapbooking consultant is right for me?

A: It really depends on how much help you need and what you are looking to gain from the consultant-client relationship. If you are brand new to scrapbooking and have no idea where to start, you would probably prefer a consultant who offers classes and one-on-one help. They will help walk you through the entire process of making a scrapbook from organizing your pictures to adding the finishing touches. They will also help teach you design techniques and offer ideas that relate directly to your pictures and layouts.

If you are fairly comfortable with the scrapbooking process and have created a few layouts on your own, you might be more comfortable with a supply consultant. Supply consultants host shows and crops during which they demonstrate new ideas and techniques to the group. These ideas often come in handy when you need a creative boost. Attending a crop hosted by a supply consultant can be a lot of fun because you have the opportunity to socialize with other women while you work. Also, the supply consultant often has a fairly large selection of supplies on hand for those moments when you find yourself looking for that perfect sticker or when you've run out of black letters.

Q: How much does a scrapbooking consultant charge?

Supply consultants often charge a fee for you to attend a crop. That fee can range from $10 - $100 depending on if it is an afternoon, evening, or weekend getaway. Shows - during which they simply demonstrate company products are usually free of charge. These consultants usually only offer tips, ideas, and techniques using their company's products and in their company's style.

Scrapbooking consultants who offer classes usually charge per class. Prices can range from $20 - $50 and some supplies are often included. Classes are usually held at a scrapbook store that has a work center with a multitude of tools available for general use.

Consultants who work one-on-one can charge anywhere from $10 - $20 per hour and are usually willing to help you with any and every step in the scrapbooking process from organizing your pictures to helping you add the finishing touches.

How can I find a scrapbooking consultant near me?

A: The web is a great resource for scrapbook consultants. Below you can find a link to a list of supply companies that offer scrapbook consultants. Most companies offer a "Find a Consultant Near Me" option on their web page. Make sure you do your research. Supply consultants make their money by selling you their company's product so they often work only in one style. Check out the scrapbook supplies and samples on the company's page to make sure you like them before looking for a consultant.

To find a one-on-one scrapbook consultant or to sign up for a class, check out your local scrapbook store. You can also search for these consultants on the web, but they are much harder to find.

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