A Scrapbook Travel Guide

It's no surprise that scrapbook enthusiasts can be a bit obsessive when it comes to their favorite past time. And part of the fun of scrapbooking is, of course, the shopping. Naturally, many customers remain loyal to their local scrapbook store, but what happens when they hit the road to visit relatives, go on vacation, etc.?

They schedule in shopping time at scrapbook stores in the area they're visiting.

"The Montana Great Falls Tribune" recently profiled several women who include "Visit Scrapbook Stores" in their Traveling To-Do List. These women, who represent only a fraction of the potential Traveling Scrapbook Shoppers out there, admit to taking time to research what stores will be located around their destination. They sometimes take that research one step further, figuring out how best to maximize their time at the store by studying the store's events and classes schedule, and planning their visit around that.

The paper also quoted Charmaine Barker, owner of The Memory Trail, who said several out-of-town scrappers sign up for classes, especially during the summer and fall when the weather is good for traveling. She offers three to four classes a month, and out-of-towners keep an eye on her schedule via her Web site.

There are several guides to scrapbook stores available today, both in print form and online. Use these scrapbook-specific travel guides to help you plan some scrapping time during your next vacation. Or, consider planning an entire vacation devoted to scrapbooking! Here's a quick list: Scrapbooking Roads, A Travel Guide for Scrapbookers

Scrapbook Store Finder

Scrapbook Shops by MapMuse.com
Scrapbooking.com Magazine

Most of the consumer scrapbook magazines also include listings in the back of their publications, as well as online.

Happy Trails!

Adapted from an article by Sue DiFranco, FunFacts Publishing, 2007 >

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