Organizing Your Scrapbook Tools

No matter what kind of scrapbook tools you have, you'll need a few different methods of organization. Whether you use drawers, baskets, or plastic containers, organizing your tools allows you easy access to what you need when you need it. Below we have listed some ideas for tool storage. Remember to find what will work best for you given your space, your budget, and your time.

Hanging Organization:

Many closet organization solutions can work well for your scrapbook supplies as well. An over the door shoe rack can hold punches, a set of hooks can hang on the side of the desk for decorative scissors. You can usually purchase a piece of peg board at your local hardware store for a relatively good price. The hooks that fit into this pegboard make can make great hanging storage for your scrapbook tools. Stop by the local handyman's workshop and see how his tools are organized - you might get a few ideas.

Drawer Organization:

Rubbermaid and Sterilite storage drawers can be found in just about any discount store. They come in multiple heights, depths, and widths which makes them a perfect mix and match storage solution for tight places. Consider purchasing a pack of computer labels and clearly labeling each drawer to avoid frustration as you search for your eyelet setter or the perfect punch. While you're there, stop down the kitchen storage aisle as well. Many drawer organizers that are intended for kitchen use - like utensil trays - can come in handy as you organize your scrapbook tools as well.

Basket Organization:

scrapbooking organization

No matter the size of your tools, there are baskets in just the right size. Like drawers, baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can mix and match until you find exactly what you need. Unlike drawers, however, baskets can give your space a homey feel and serve dual purpose as decor and storage.

Shelf Organization: scrapbooking organization Bookshelves, shelving units, or desks with shelf space can work for storing scrapbook tools as well. This is especially helpful for some of the larger tools like your paper cutter or Xyron machine. Try combining straight shelf storage for some of your larger tools with baskets or drawers for some of the smaller tools.

Desktop Organization:

There are a number of storage options that can stand right on your workspace. Tin or paint cans can be altered and serve as tool storage. Head back to the kitchen section of your local discount store and consider a turnabout or other utensil organizer. Stop by the office supply store and look at the numerous standing storage options they have there as well.

Travel Organization:

There are a number of different small totes on the market that can work well if you need to travel with your scrapbook tools. As always, keep in mind the number of tools you have, the space you have and your budget before buying.

Below are two of our favorite travel tote organizers:

Chances are, your final organization system will be some combination of the above. When organizing your scrapbook tools, keep in mind what the tool is used for and how often it is used. Be practical when organizing your tools in relation to the rest of your workspace. It wouldn't make sense to put your eyelet setter on the opposite side of the room as your eyelets. Keep items that are used together stored together, and when you sit down to work, you won't spend half your time searching for the perfect punch or the right pair of scissors.

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