Scrapbook Stickers and Embellishments

There are numerous different solutions for scrapbook stickers and embellishments organization. Remember that it is important for you to consider how you use your stickers and embellishments, how often you travel with them, and how much space you have before deciding on the one that works for you.

Scrapbook Sticker and Embellishment Storage Solutions

The Binder: You can find an old large binder and use page protectors to store your scrapbooking sticker collection. Look for page protectors that are sectioned into different styles to help with your organization. Your office supply store will have some made to hold numerous 4 x 5 pictures, baseball cards, business cards and many more. It's important to look through your scrapbook stickers and embellishments to determine what you need before you shop.

PSB Scrapbook Stickers Binder - Black/Navy - $ 26.99
Crop-in-Style makes a binder designed to help you organize your stickers. This 14"x16" oversized zippered three-ring binder is made from durable, scuff and stain-resistant material. The PSB Binder has pockets inside and out for templates, idea books, and other miscellaneous items. Included, are three sets of inserts (refills). Refills are available in Standard (20 pockets/page), Standard II (10 pockets/page), Quarter (4 pockets/page), Wide Border (2 wide and long pockets/page), Strip (5 long pockets/page), and 12 x 12 sizes. The PSB Binder is specifically designed to fit in all Crop-in-Style totes.

Expandable Folders: Expandable folders can make your scrapbook stickers easy to find. Rather than looking through a large binder, scrapbook stickers are categorized and placed into pockets in the folder. This stores away well when you don't need it and is easy to travel with.

DecoFile Supply Organizer with DecoFile Folders - $ 32.00 for the set
My personal favorite sticker storage is the Creative Memories 12 in Deco File and Folders. It is the perfect size for storing stickers and embellishments. I can label each tab in the file with a theme and then label the folders to be more specific. The folders are removable, so I don't have to haul out the whole file. When I'm looking for an embellishment or sticker, I can just pull out the right folder and flip through. Especially helpful for those working with limited space. Order by contacting a consultant through the Creative Memories website.

Photo Albums: Since you're not using your photo albums for storing your photos anymore (you're scrapping them now!), try using an old pocket photo album for storing your scrapbook stickers. Either a large one with multiple pockets per page or a small brag book size will work depending on the number of stickers you have. If you're concerned about the acid-free or lignin-free quality of your albums, check the label on the album...many are. If you're using an old album you've emptied out and you're still concerned, just keep the scrapbook stickers in the packaging until you use them. Then, save the packaging for storing whatever leftovers you have. This can be a very inexpensive way to organize your stickers. Some of the photo album designs are very fun so they can help spice up your scrap room or scrap space if you store them in a visible location.

Scrapbook Stickers and Embellishments Organization

Whatever storage solution you decide to use for your stickers and other embellishments, the categories you sort them into are key. There's nothing more frustrating than finding the adorable elephant sticker weeks after you completed the "Trip to the Zoo" layout. I mentioned that I use the Creative Memories DecoFile earlier. The large tabs in my Deco File are sorted by event and season. Each tabbed section contains 2 removable folders (each folder has 3 pockets) that is more specifically organized. The entire structure looks like this:



Spring/St. Pat's/Easter/Flowers/Gardening/Bugs
Summer/Picnic/July 4th/Mother's & Father's Day

Christmas/Winter/New Year's/Valentine's


Heritage/Decade/Those Who Serve/Religion

This sticker and embellishment organization makes it incredibly easy for me to find what I need in an instant. Some people like to sort their Alphanumeric stickers along with the rest of them. It would be relatively easy to add a folder called ABC's to this organization structure. Others have far too many ABC stickers to fit into this structure and need something different. Remember that color is key in scrapbook layout design, so organizing your alphanumeric stickers by color allows you to find that perfect accent or complimentary color easily. I sort according to the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Naturals/White and Grey/Black.

Other Ideas: Scrapbook Sticker and Embellishment Suggestions from You!

To organize my small stickers/diecuts, I take envelopes and cut them in half, tape the flap shut and the halves work as little pouches, then tape or glue them to a piece of card board, wood etc and hang them on the wall, lable them, and you have a nice little sticker/diecut organizer - Young Scrapper from Iowa

I like to be organized, but don't want to spend a small fortune on organizers for scrapbooking (I'd rather spend it on supplies). I took my stickers and used a mounting square on the back and placed them on a piece of paper (several to a page), put them in a page protector & put them in a binder. I can flip the pages & find the sticker I want. I also put my papers in page protectors in the binder. I put my die cuts in small ziplock bags and stapled the bags (its not pretty but in works). All I have to do is turn pages to see what I have & it is all in one small spot. -- Tammy in Fairmont, MN

I use freezer Zip-Lock bags to store all of my stickers, papers, die-cuts, etc. in. Then I label the outside with a simple word that says what's in the bag. Such as "Christmas", it saves a lot of time and keeps them in a place that keeps them from getting any dirt or dust on them and you can easily see what's in there! -- Brianne D., Durango, CO

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