Scrapbook Scissors: Choosing the Right Pair

Any pair of sharp craft scissors will work fine as a pair of scrapbook scissors. At a minimum, you'll use the scissors to crop your photos and create your photo mats. As your pages get more elaborate, you'll also use the scissors to work with embellishments and stickers. For detail work like this, fine-tipped scissors work best. Whatever kind of scrapbook scissors you decide to buy, make sure they are devoted exclusively to scrapbooking. A pair of scissors that cuts only paper will stay sharper and make cleaner cuts.


Really, any good pair of craft shears works fine. Whatever scissors you decide to use, make sure you use them exclusively for paper cutting. This will help keep the blades sharp and your cuts clean. When purchasing, check for stainless steel blades and comfortable handles.

Below are the scrapbook scissors and shears we've used and recommend...

Our most highly recommended pair of scrapbook scissors!! Portions of sales from these Fiskars Scissors go to support the American Heart Association.

Fiskars - Limited Edition American Heart Association - No 8 Bent Scissors with Bonus Blade Sheath, BRAND NEW - $ 15.29
Designed for heavy-duty cutting, these classic Fiskars Limited Edition scissors feature stainless steel blades that are bent to promote easier cutting along surfaces and through multiple layers of material. Fiskars signature, ergonomic handle molds to your hands for ultimate comfort. Features: Bent, signature ergonomic handle designHighest quality stainless steel blades Includes a bonus blade sheath with heart design Fiskars is proud to be supporting the work of the American Heart Association with their Limited Edition Healthy Heart line. Sales of these products will allow Fiskars to make a minimum charitable donation of $30,000 to the American Heart Association. Vibrant red colors clearly identify the products, and the packaging even includes simple suggestions to start loving your heart. Plus, all products contain a heart inspired bonus item.

Zision Scissors 8 1/2"-Large - $ 8.09
Hardened stainless steel blades with precision ground edges. Soft touch handles for superior comfort.

Fine Tipped Scissors

Fine tipped scrapbook scissors are great for any detail work you're doing. More often than not, you will find yourself in need of a just a little trim here or a tiny cut there. For these times, we precision cutting tips which allow you to cut right up to the tip. Fine tipped scrapbook scissors allow you to work more creatively with stickers, embellishments, and pictures.

Below are the fine-tipped scrapbook scissors we've used and recommend...

Cutter Bee Scissors
Cutter Bee Scissors
- $ 9.99
Our most highly recommended fine tipped scissors - The Cutter Bee scissors are cute & compact for all your scrapbooking needs. The precision-ground tips are great for precision cutting and expert at cutting right up to the tip and the unique comfort grip handle is easy on your hands. Includes a protective safety snap-on safety cover. A great value!

Color Bee Titanium Scissors - Pink
Color Bee Titanium Scissors - Pink
- $ 11.89
Color Bee Titanium craft scissors by Cutter Bee are great for cutting through thin metals, plastic, wire, and more. These ?pretty tough? scissors are titanium tough and will fly through your crafts for an easy cut every time. Comfort grip handles Comes with a protective safety cover Precision-ground tips can cut in the tiniest of areas. Great bold color!

Fiskars Softouch 5" Micro-Tip Scissors - $ 13.77
You will never tire of cutting with Softouch scissors! Each scissors has oversized, cushion-grip handles and an easy-action spring that opens the blades after each cut, greatly reducing fatigue. These premium scissors also feature an adjustable screw, which allows the blade tension to be modified. A convenient lock keeps the blades closed tight for safe storage.

For Cutting Other Materials

Occasionally, you'll find yourself needing to cut something other than paper. We mentioned above that you should use your shears solely for paper in order to save the blades ... so, what do you do when you need to cut a sticker, fiber, wire, or other non-paper embellishment? Well, the cheapest solution is to simply buy another pair of scrapbook scissors to use for your non-paper items. Otherwise, consider these options...

KAI Scissors - $ 19.59
KAI Brand scissors! These 6" Rubber Stamp Shears are industrial strength and worth every penny. You'll know why from the minute you starting cutting your rubber and foam. The saying "Cuts like a hot knife through butter" will come to mind when you are bragging to your friends about how easy it is to convert your unmounted stamps and the short cutting blades make cutting out the small details easier than ever.

Tonic Studios Kushgrip Scissors - 5Tonic Studios Kushgrip Scissors - 5" Non-Stick Serrated - $ 9.49
Tonic's non-stick scissors have one serrated blade and one sharp blade for excellent cutting on all types of material - including sheet rubber, vinyl and adhesive backed papers. The non-stick coating means that there is no build up of adhesive.

Honey Bee Scissors
Honey Bee Scissors
- $ 11.89
For cuts that are tricky, and crafts that are sticky. The Honey Bee craft scissors by Cutter Bee are great for cutting through even the stickiest of materials. These sticker scissors are non-stick and can fly around your crafts for an easy cut every time. Comfort grip handles Comes with a protective safety cover. Precision-ground tips can cut in the tiniest of areas. Cut stickers, adhesive foam, and other adhesives quickly

Paper Edgers

Paper edgers have decorative blades that allow you to cut patterns rather than a simple straight line. These scrapbook scissors are handy for creating borders and decorative photo mats to add to your scrapbook pages. It can be easy to get caught up in buying numerous different paper edgers and they can be fun to experiment with. A word of caution: Don't purchase numerous paper edgers until you're certain you'll make good use of them. I purchased a whole set when I started only to find that my style of scrapbooking didn't lend itself to those scissors very often. If you're unsure - buy only one or two scissors to see how you like them. I recommend a basic wave pattern, cloud pattern, and pinking pattern to start.

If you do decide you like the look and feel of decorative edges on your scrapbook pages, look for high quality scrapbook scissors with stainless steel blades. Often, you'll be able to find them in sets that include their own carrying case. Many stores also carry them packaged individually for those who are looking for only one or two different edges.

There are far too many individual decorative paper edgers for us to list here. If you're interested, just search for "Paper Edger Scissors" at

If it's a set of paper edgers you're looking for, we recommend...

Paper Shapers With Oak Stand 12/Set-Original Set - $ 35.96
What a great gift idea. Twelve paper shaper scissors in a beautiful oak stand. Two different sets to choose from. 70012 set includes Pinking Inchworm Scallop Flash Wave Heartbeat Ripple Victorian Stamp Jigsaw Royal and Rockies.

Zig Zagz Decorative Scissors-Pinkg/Antq/Pillow/Mesa/Bow&Ribbn/Min Pkg - $ 10.79
ZigZagz Interchangeable Blade Scissors are six scissors in one-simply switch the easy-to-handle composite blade edges for a different decorative cut. Use them on paper cardstock or photos to make whimsical borders interesting frames ornamental page edges. Two sets of scissors and six pairs of blades are included in each package. Cushioned handles and plastic blades ensure safe comfortable cutting. Suitable for ages 4 and up.

You've gone a little hog wild and bought 16 different pairs of scrapbook scissors...only to get your purchases home and wonder where will you keep them all.

Check out our Organization pages and let us help you create a system to store all those scrapbook scissors!

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