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Scrapbook paper storage causes problems and headaches for many scrapbook artists. When I ask scrapbook artists what their greatest weakness is, nearly all of them reply - "PAPER!" It is often hard to resist the wonderful colors and unique patterns that we see. Unfortunately, this leaves us with masses of paper that are unorganized. It's no good having that adorable Christmas pattern if you can't find it or have forgotten about it by the time you get around to working on that layout.

From wire racks to file cabinet, the options for paper storage are nearly endless. Before you buy your storage options, you'll need to decide whether you'd prefer horizontal or vertical scrapbook paper storage. Also consider that if you do a lot of traveling to crops, you'll need a scrapbook paper storage solution that allows you to take your paper with you.

Crop In Style P3 Tote
This great tote was a favorite of many scrappers, but has sadly been discontinued. You may be able to find it used on Kaboodle, Ebay or Craigslist.

Unfortunately, some of us have way too much paper to fit even in this huge travel case. Regardless of the amount of paper you have, I suggest sorting by two different criteria: color and event.

Sorting by Color

You will find that whether it is solid or patterned, most paper can be sorted by color. Color is key in scrapbook layout design, so organizing paper by color allows you to find that perfect accent or complimentary paper easily. I sort according to the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Naturals/White and Grey/Black. Each section is then organized by shade (lightest to darkest) followed by patterns (also lightest to darkest). You will find that even patterned paper with multiple colors has one dominating color. If you a hard time deciding which color a certain pattern should be filed under, try squinting at the paper. The color that you can see the best is the one you should use.

Sorting by Event

I also mentioned sorting paper by event. There are some papers that you will be looking for when you plan layouts for certain occasions. I have compartments for Holidays, Baby, Heritage, Wedding/Anniversary, and Birthday. Even though these papers often have a dominating color and could easily be stored based on color, it is often easier to find them (and remember to use them!) when they are sorted by event.

Scrapbook Paper Storage Solutions

Since I sort most of my paper (both cardstock and patterns by color, I find that vertical scrapbook paper storage works well. It's easy for to see what I have quickly and takes up less space in my already crowded workspace.

Cropper Hopper Vertical Storage Value Pack - $ 17.99
The Cropper Hopper Vertical Storage Value Pack works great for vertical storage needs. It lets you organize up to 400 sheets of 12" x 12" paper. Value pack includes: 1 Paper Holder 4 Paper Pouches 12 Dividers with Labels This price is even lower than QVC's special introductory rate!

Most scrapbook and craft store use horizontal storage. This style of scrapbook paper storage works well when you have a ton of paper that you need to have easily accessible and a ton of space. I find that horizontal paper storage can actually help decorate a large scrapbook room because it is so colorful and so fun!

Display Dynamics - Perfect Paper Stackable Paper Trays for Flat or Angled Use -12x12 - Lipped - 10 Pack

Hanging storage can also be a great solution if you have limited space or need to shut away your scrapbook supplies when you've finished working. Some regular file cabinets will work, but make sure your hanging folders are large enough to accommodate your 12 x 12 paper.

Paper Scraps

What about those scraps of paper that are too small to store with the regular paper? Don't throw them away! You never know when you'll be looking for just the right color for a die cut or a color blocked mat. Those scraps can come in very handy - sometimes when you least expect it. Plus, for those of us on a budget, it saves you time and money to save the scraps.

So, now that you're saving every little paper are you to organize and store them? I store my scraps the same way I store the big paper - by color. Expandable file folders work well for storing scraps as they are just the right size and are already sectioned for you. Just label the tabs by color and you're set.

DecoFile Supply Organizer with DecoFile Folders
My personal favorite scrapbook paper storage is the Creative Memories 12 in Deco File and Folders. It is the perfect size for storing my scraps and I can label each folder with a different color. The folders are removable, so I don't have to haul out the whole file. When I'm looking for a scrap, I can just pull out the folder for that color and flip through. They don't have the smaller once (pictured here) that I use anymore, although you can find them for sale on Ebay or Kaboodle. However, they do have new larger 12x12 Decofiles that I have to get my hands on. I like the fact that they can hold large and small scraps!

Overwhelmed with scrapbook organization? Having trouble deciding on a scrapbook paper storage solution? Let us help!

If you live in the Greater Chicago Area or Northcentral Wisconsin, professional scrapbook consultants are available to help you get your scrapbook paper storage organized and stay that way.

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