Are you a Scrapbook Paper Addict?

If not yet, you will be soon! Scrapbook paper is many a scrapper's greatest weakness. Just walk through the aisles of any scrapbook store and you'll see hundreds upon hundreds of reams of paper in just about any theme, color, or texture you can imagine. Scrapbooking is a paper craft - which means paper is an essential part of any scrapbook. Whether you are a simple scrapper who uses paper only for the occasional border decoration, or one who double and triple mats every picture, you need to know what your paper options are.

Cardstock Paper

scrapbook paper, bazzil paper, acid free paper

Cardstock is a scrapbooking staple. Cardstock scrapbook paper is heavy weight that can be used as a base page to build a layout, or for making decorative photo mats and die cuts. You will use cardstock for backgrounds, photo mats, journaling blocks, and more! Cardstock papers are available in every color under the sun. Our Scrapbook Layout Design section discusses the best way to approach choosing paper colors that best compliment your layouts and photos. Our favorite cardstock is Bazzil scrapbook paper.

On the Scrapbook Supplies page, I mentioned that I don't usually order scrapbook paper online. It is just way too easy to overspend on paper I'll never use - which is why I shop with a list whenever I'm buying paper.

The only time I suggest breaking this rule is when buying cardstock.

My favorite way to buy Bazzill cardstock is in Monochromatic packs, Fourz packs or Trio packs.This way I can have a variety of shades of the same color that all coordinate without buying single sheets of cardstock.

Patterned Paper

scrapbook paper Patterned scrapbook paper can also be used a base page for making a layout, or for accenting pictures, documents, and other memorabilia. Once you've decided on your layout color scheme you can choose a patterned paper that both conveys your layout's theme and color scheme.

Patterned paper has the same uses as cardstock, many patterned papers are double sided giving you an automatic coordinating color or pattern. There are also patterned papers that coordinate with specific themes. You'll find pink baby feet for your baby girl album, a family tree form for your heritage album, and black and white hearts for your wedding album, There are even more styles and prints of patterned paper than there are colors of cardstock - so have fun choosing papers you love!

Overlay Paper

Overlays are usually of two different types: transparencies and vellum.


Vellum paper has a translucent appearance, creating a rich page layout. Vellum comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is often placed over other paper, yielding a 3-D effect and distinctive look. You can use it to add spice to your journaling or titles, use it for paper piecing, or enhancing stickers and embellishments. It works for everything from angel wings to weddings, clouds to stars, bubbles to tablecloths. You are limited only by your imagination.

The Superstore has all their WorldWin Vellum sheets on clearance right now!


Like vellum, transparencies can be used for a number of different purposes on your scrapbook page. Printing journaling on transparencies gives scrapbookers the ability to place titles and journaling anywhere on a page without covering up the background paper or images. It can also be used to overlap text on photos and embellishments. Pre-printed overlays or transparencies come in a huge variety of themes and can allow scrapbooker to create quick and easy layouts.

The Superstore has all their WorldWin Vellum sheets on clearance right now!

Both vellum and transparencies sometimes have a bad reputation. Because they are, by nature, more transparent - it can be hard to glue them down. Traditional adhesives show through adding unsightly marring to your layout. Fortunately, there are a number of great adhesives on the market that avoid this problem.

Specialty Papers

Specialty papers include mulberry paper, handmade papers, cork, and many others. You can use these types of papers as the background for a page, mattes for pictures, borders, and so much more. I keep patterned papers and vellum in both 12” by 12” and 8 ½” by 11” sizes, while the others I generally stock in only 8 ½” by 11” because it can be pricey and I tend to use them in small quantities.

Mulberry papers are the easiest to find in stores and the most common specialty paper used in scrapbooking. They are made with clearly defined fibers and edges that feather easily. scrapbook paper, acid free paper

Handmade papers can be found in many scrapbook stores or can be made yourself. Check out these instructions for making your own handmade scrapbook paper. Silk Wrapping Paper feels magnificent to the touch. Strands of silk run through the length of each page, giving a gorgeous and elegant texture to your scrapbook pages.Screenprint Papers have beautiful designs and have been specially made using the techniques designed to make beautiful fabrics.

These are just a few of the specialty papers available on the market - if you have a passion for specialty paper, check out this book...

Whatever paper you choose, you want it to be acid free and lignin free to ensure long term preservation of your memories.

As you slowly become a paper addict, you'll find yourself with pages and pages of paper - and no where to keep it all! Check out our Organization pages and let us help you create a system to store all your scrapbook paper!

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