Scrapbook Page Ideas: Picking a Page Theme

If you've followed our process for organizing pictures , then you've already got a good start at creating your scrapbook layout design. Start with a theme for your page. If you are using more than one photo on this page, each photo should relate to the theme. This will help all the photos tie together into a cohesive layout design. Please do not feel tempted to use all 10 pictures of junior at the park on one page. Choose the couple photos that you like the best or that tell the story of the event well and leave out the rest.

Don't forget to consider our scrapbook page ideas on color harmony and color schemes when choosing a page theme.

Scrapbook Layout Design Wedding Theme Scrapbook Layout Design Wedding Theme

Some photos naturally lend themselves to a specific theme. The photos on the scrapbook layout design above worked very well into an 8 x 8 Wedding Theme.

For other designs, you will have a harder time coming up with a theme and you might have to be a bit more creative. For example, on the page below, I used the baby's outfit as the basis for the 12 x 12 Safari Theme.

Scrapbook Page Ideas Safari Theme Scrapbook Page Ideas Safari Theme

Unique and creative scrapbook page ideas will come out of creating theme based layouts. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and experiment!

...This page to be expanded in the coming months to include specific unique ideas from regular scrapbook artists like you! We'll get inside their heads to discover where their scrapbook page ideas come from...

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