Scrapbook Magazines and Idea Books

As scrapbooking has become such a huge industry, the number of scrapbook magazines has increased exponentially. It's important to do a little research before you subscribe to a magazine. Each magazine has different focus. Do you want to stay updated on the newest techniques and products? Are you looking for a magazine full of layout ideas? Want to find out all about digital scrapbooking? Making sure you have the right subscription will help ensure you get what you're looking for.

Before subscribing, get a copy of a few different magazines and flip through them. Take a look at the regular columns or sections to get an idea of the magazine's focus. Because the featured articles can change so frequently, don't avoid or choose a magazine simply based on one month's features. Instead, see if you can browse archives on the magazine's website or ask around to your fellow scrapbook artists.

A scrapbook magazine can be a great tool if you use it. While you're deciding on which magazine(s) you'll subscribe to, also consider how you'll use your subscription. Will you simply read the magazine when it comes and then toss it? Do you have the space to save all your back issues to refer to when you get scrapper's block? Or can you create a system for cutting out and saving only your favorite ideas?

Having a hard time deciding how to organize? Check out our Organization pages and let us help you create a system to make good use of your scrapbook magazines!

Idea books are like magazines in that they can offer great inspiration when you're stuck on a particular layout. However, unlike magazines, when you buy an idea book, you know you're only getting one. This can be a good thing if you are low on space - or a bad thing if you're struggling for creative ideas. Again, when choosing an idea book, make sure you like what you see inside and that its ideas and suggestions will offer you creative inspiration for a long time to come. Avoid "trendy" books that can be out of date in only a few short months.

Many idea books are written by the same editors and writers who publish the major scrapbook magazines. If you've found a magazine you really like, chances are you'll be able to find an idea book from that same publisher you like as well. Here are just a few of the topics and themes that can be covered in idea books:

  • Scrapbooking idea books with tips and ideas on improving your scrapbook page layouts.
  • Cardmaking books to help you make wonderful handmade cards.
  • Quote books and Title books for scrapbooking and cardmaking.
  • Books on organizing scrapbooks and craft supplies.
  • Seasonal or theme books with ideas and inspiration for specific themes (wedding, baby, heritage, etc.) or seasons (summer, Christmas, birthdays, school days, etc.)

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