Scrapbook Layout Design: Arranging Photos

Once you have your scrapbook layout design theme chosen, it's time to begin thinking about the arrangement of the photos on the page.

Choose a Focal Point

This should be one great photo that really captures the eye and declares the theme of the page. This photo should be one that makes people want to stop and look further. Generally, this photo won't require a lot of cropping, so close-ups are great. If you have a number of pictures that you like and you can't decide which should be the focal point, try using the one in which the subjects are looking directly into the camera. In this layout, the larger, focal point picture was chosen because the baby was looking directly into the camera and because the clothes the baby was wearing were different than the other photos.

Scrapbook Layout Design Triangle Scrapbook Layout Design Triangle

The focal point of your layout is the axis on which every other element of your page will spin. Everything else on the page blends with this focal point, either leading to it or directly from it visually. As you decide where on your page the focal point should go, remember that it does not have to land smack dab in the middle of your page.

Consider using the rule of thirds to help you decide where to put your focal point.

Arranging your Photos

As you place the rest of your photos, think about creating a visual triangle across the entire page.

Scrapbook Layout Design Triangle

The triangular arrangement of these photos pulls the items together whereas pairs or groups of 4 can make them feel separated into sections and ruin the flow of your page.

Remembering to use triangles will help you create a scrapbook layout design that is naturally pleasing to the eye. It's one small detail for you to pay attention to that will yield great results.

Don't quite get it? Want more details and more examples? Take a few moments to go a little more in-depth on using this 'Golden Ratio'.

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