Organization Tips for Scrapbook Embellishments

You'll need a way to organize your scrapbook embellishments whether you embellish with ribbon and fiber, or metal and chipboard. The variety of scrapbook embellishments is sometimes overwhelming! However, keeping your embellishments organized will help you make best use of all those great accents you already have in your stash!

Storage Solutions

Storage drawers work very well for this sort of scrapbook organization. The larger the accent, the larger the drawer you will need. For those on a budget, consider using a fishing tackle box or an old Kaboodle makeup/jewelry organizer as a less expensive solution. If you travel with your scrapbooking, the Cropper Hopper Embellishment Organizer is a great tote with compartments for all those scrapbook embellishments. They can be sorted into colors by rows and they are easy to see and easy to access.

Cropper Hopper Embellishment Organizer - $ 13.99
Cropper Hopper Embellishment Organizer offers organization for the home and on the road. This great tote allows you to corral your supplies with ease, and makes it easy to find exactly what you need at home or at a crop. 30 permanently divided compartments on one side for all of your embellishment, sticker, and fiber needs Large compartment on the other side stores tools Measures approximately 11.5 x 10 x 3

scrapbook accent organization

If you will not be traveling quite so much, consider purchasing a mini-drawer set from a hardware store. They are usually found near the toolboxes and are used for storing screws, nails, nuts, bolts, etc. You can find these drawer sets in many different sizes. Some come with a variety of drawers, others will many drawers of one size.

For the very tiny scrapbook embellishments like eyelets and brads, there are many small storage options. If you use the Cropper Hopper Embellishment Organizer, the small embellishment boxes that they sell will work well. They are designed to work with your Cropper Hopper and are a good fit. Craft Keepers also offers flip-top containers that work very well for this kind of storage. Their boxes look like small Tic-Tac containers and should easily fit in your large accent storage drawers. If you are on a budget, consider collecting Tic-Tac containers, empty film cansiters, small ziploc bags, baby food jars, just about any small container works.

Sort by Color

scrapbook embellishments organization

By now you have hopefully realized the importance of color. Color is key in scrapbook layout design, so organizing scrapbook embellishments by color allows you to find that perfect accent or compliment easily. Sort your accents into colors by rows or columns to make them easy to find. Mine are sorted by the following colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Naturals, Black/White, and Metals. My drawer sets sit right on my scrap desk and the clear drawers make everything easy to see.

Ribbons and Fibers

By their nature, ribbons and fibers require a special kind of storage solution.

scrapbook fiber organization

For smaller fibers, there are a number of storage options. Just walk through the cross stitch or knitting section of your local craft store to find multiple organization systems. I personally like to use the embroidery floss cards as they fit right into my accent storage drawers.

For large spools of ribbon, there are two options that seem to work well for most people. The first is to simply store the spools in large clear shoe boxes or drawers. Separating by color and/or season works well for this.

Craft Locker - Ribbon Storage - $ 37.99
This CraftLocker is designed specifically to store your ribbons. Comes with three removable drawers. Drawers are designed with a slanted bottom floor so your spools roll forward and rest against the front of the drawer. Thread ribbons through the slotted handle for easy use. No need to remove many spools from a cumbersome rod or dowel just to get to the spool in the middle! 15" h x 10" w x 6 3/4" d Please note: Products inside CraftLocker are not included.

scrapbook ribbon storage

If you'd rather have your ribbon easily accessible, try creating your own display. Using spring tension rods to store your spools - you can take the shelves out of a bookcase and insert your ribbon rods, or you can simple place the rods between your desk and the wall. There a number of different sizes for the rods and they can twist to hold securely.

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