Scrapbook Cards Made Easy

I'll be honest, I've never really been into making scrapbook cards. The time I can squeeze into a day to work on my scrapbooks is limited and I have so many albums I want to do. I thought that making cards would be a waste of my precious scrapbooking time.

Boy was I wrong!

Making cards can be easy, fast and can actually save you time and money that can be spent on scrapbooking! Let me show you how...

All those Scraps!

If you shop by color for your scrapbook supplies, then the paper and embellishments you buy for each page are highly specific. They match a certain set of photos...and that's about it. So, what happens when the layout is done? You're left with scraps of paper that coordinate with each other, but most likely won't coordinate right with other photos for future layouts.

So...what do you do with all those scraps??

Scrapbook Cards

A Hallmark greeting card from Walgreen's can cost anywhere from $2.99 - $5.99. Making your own scrapbook card with layout scraps costs you almost nothing!

Let me show you how easy and money saving this can be...

  • 1. First, you'll need some envelopes.
  • You can purchase a pack of plain empty envelopes from any local office supply store. Size doesn't really matter too much since you'll be making your scrapbook cards to fit whatever envelope you have.

    You can also get an envelope template for almost any cutting system - check out this mini-envelope template for the Coluzzle cutting system:

    These templates allow you to assemble your envelopes of various sizes that coordinate with your scrapbook cards.

  • 2. Next, collect your scraps.
  • I created the following layout using the Urban Rhapsody line from K & Company

    After completing this page, I had leftover patterned paper, cardstock, and stickers. I don't really have enough paper left for a whole new layout, but it only takes a little paper to make a card.

  • 3. Choose a background paper.
  • Ideally, the background for your scrapbook cards should be cardstock. Cardstock (plain or patterned) helps make the card sturdy and is easily scored for folding without tearing.

    Measure the dimensions of your envelope and then measure your background paper to be about 1/8" smaller (both height and width). This will make sure your card fits in the envelope once it has been decorated.

  • 4. Decorate the cover.
  • What kind of card you are making may depend on the scraps you have leftover. I was left with a few phrases on my sticker sheet after completing my layout and decided that I liked "Lovely" the best. So I decorated the front of the card with leftover paper, added a few brads and some wire, and used a leftover sticker.

  • 5. Decorate the inside of the card.
  • It is important that you save the inside of the card for last. Once I had decorated the cover of my card, this is what the inside looked like.

    I covered the back side of my cover with patterned paper so that my brads and other embellishments did not show through. Then, I added a sticker and some wire to the inside of the card. Finally, I added a rub-on phrase that helped give the card a little focus.

The whole card project took me about 15 minutes to complete. Using only scraps and embellishments I had lying around my workspace, I was able to create a cute Congratulations card at no cost.

I would have spent at least 15 minutes and $2.99 to purchase a card in the store. Now, I have a personalized 3-D card and have saved myself both time and money...time and money I plan on investing in the next scrapbook layout!

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