Scrapbook Layout Design Tips

The general goal when creating a scrapbook layout design is communicate your ideas and feelings by appropriately selecting and placing the different elements on the page. The field of visual arts offers a standard vocabulary and way of looking at layout design that strives to achieve this goal.

As the designer, you determine what the points of focus of your layout will be, and then you create the layout with things like light, perspective, and line in mind. When you use these elements appropriately, the eyes of the viewers will linger over the points of focus, and your layout is a balanced whole with pieces that work together to form a statement.

Hold On!...I know what you're thinking...This is a little too feng shui for me! How does all this mumbo jumbo translate into my scrapbook layout design?

Don't worry! You don't have to understand the elements of visual just need to use them.

Scrapbook Layout Design Wedding Theme Scrapbook Layout Design Wedding Theme

Some people have a natural aptitude for working with visual art (which is really what a scrapbook is!) and will find that achieving the right balance is easy. Others may find that they need to do a little more research in order to get the ball really rolling. This page has all the basic info you need to get started creating a professional scrapbook layout design.

Now, let's start with the basics.

Pick a Page Theme

Looking at your picture, start by picking a theme for your page. The theme can relate to the events, people, or places in your pictures. They can be one word themes like "Love" or "Joy." Let your creative juices flow and you'll find yourself with a solid start to an impressive layout design.

NOTE: Most often, when we refer to a scrapbook "page" we are referring to a 2-page layout like the ones pictured here. Though there are a few benefits to using an occasional one page scrapbook layout design we will always recommending using a two-page layout for the sake of consistency, flow and overall appeal.

Arranging Photos

Once you have your theme chosen, it's time to begin thinking about how you will arrange your photos on the page. There are many visual design elements that can help you exactly how to arrange your photos for the best overall look.

Scrapbook Layout Design Triangle

Adding the Other Elements

Sure, your photos may be the focal point of your scrapbook, but what fun is scrapbooking without the scrapbook embellishments, stickers, titles, etc? Every element should relate or connect to another item on the page. Repeat colors, shapes, textures, etc throughout your layout to maintain consistency and balance in your scrapbook layout design.

Scrapbook Layout Design Triangle

A few final thoughts to help you come up with ideas for scrapbooking pages:

  • Remember the "Golden Ratio" - 1, 3, or 5 of the same item will typically have a more finished look.

  • When using metals, keep them matched. Use all gold, all sliver, or all brass rather than mixing colors.

  • Be aware of the alignment and placement of all the items on your page. Nothing should be placed arbitrarily. Every element should have a visual connection with something else on the page.

  • Items relating to each other should be grouped close together. When several items are in close proximity to each other, they become one visual unit rather than several separate units.

These are some great starter tips for layout composition. As you keep these in mind, remember also that there are exceptions to every rule, and your photos and page elements will help you determine what composition is best for your page.

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