Organize Your Scrapbook Workspace

The first step when you organize your scrapbook workspace is finding your scrapbook workspace! It is important that you find a space to scrap that fits your lifestyle and family.

At Home

Organize your scrapbook workspaceIf that means the dining room table - go right ahead and commandeer it! If you are short on space, consider using a closet. The wire shelving and hanging storage designed for your bedroom closet can be be used to organize your scrapbook workspace in a snap. As a bonus, your space can be closed off when you don't want to see the mess!
Another great scrapbook spot when you're short on space is a computer desk or entertainment center. Placed in the living room, dining room, or office, these furniture items often have doors on them - which means you have the benefit of being able to close up on those days you didn't organize your scrapbook workspace.

Top on my list to get is a Scrapbox (pictured right). These beautiful pieces of furniture provide canvas drawers, zippered pouches and sturdy shelves to keep everything organized and at your fingertips. They include a fold down scrap table and, the best part, once you close the doors all you can see is an elegant armoire.

organize your scrapbook workspace
The CraftBox: Vanilla Beadboard Craft Storage Furniture

The upside - apart from all the great storage space AND drop down table? They come in a variety of sizes and colors to fit any home decor.

The downside - at $795 you just might blow your entire yearly scrapbooking budget just to organize your scrapbook workspace. Then again, you also just might spend $800 anyway once you add up a desk, totes and drawers, shelves, etc. BONUS: If you do decide to bite the bullet, enter the coupon code "100SHIP" to get $100 off the $125 shipping costs.

Of course, you don't have to spend $800 to find a scrapbook workspace that works for you! The sky is really the limit. Some scrapper work off a folding card table in the corner of the master bedroom. Others have installed extra shelving in the laundry room. Many simply take over the dining room table when the scrap bug hits them.

We recommend the Scrap-N-Stow - Portable Scrapbooking Table for scrappers who always find themselves in a different room of the house.

Organize your scrapbook workspaceThe best scrapbook organization habit I ever developed was to completely clean up my space after each layout. I'm a messy scrapper - frequently trying to hunt down my scissors or adhesive under various scraps of patterned paper or sticker sheets. When I take the time to put everything in it's place after each layout is completed, I clean my creative palette and the juices are ready to go for the next set of pictures and paper.

On the Go

If you find yourself mostly scrapping at crops, you are a traveling scrapbook artist! In that case, you can organize your always changing scrapbook workspace with a caddy or travel tote that can be set up on or next to any workspace.

This "Mother of All Totes" is the one I use when I'm headed to a crop. The Crop in Style XXL Tote pull up handle and fixed ball bearing wheels makes for effortless travel over even the roughest walkways. I particularly like the removable pen caddy (it holds 75 pens, and turns into a stand that can be set on my desk while I'm working) and the extra large pockets that are great for storing punches and ink pads. Made to meet the rigors of travel, the XXL can even be checked on a plane! 20" High. 20" Wide. 16" Deep.

If you're looking for something a little smaller and a little more trendy, the Karen Foster Design - Manhattan Scrap-N-Style Tote might be a better option. While it's not nearly as big as the XXL, this tote still has lots room and even includes removable pouches so you can customize it to your needs. My favorite feather: the unique scrapbook layout magnet board that protects your half-finished projects when it's time to pack up and head home.

Of course, if you're looking for something a little less pricey, know that I have used a carry-on sized rolling suitcase in a pinch. Though they don't have all the handy loops and pouches as these specialized totes, a rolling suitcase can easily fit all your supplies and was definitely made for "on the go"!

Organize your scrapbook workspace No matter what room, corner, or table your scrapbook organization takes you to, it's important to have good lighting. I can't tell you how many crops I've been to where I've been stuck in a frustratingly dark corner of a poorly lit room. I pack a clip on travel light in whatever tote I happen to be taking with me when I'm scrapping on the go.

The key is in organizing your scrapbook workspace is in finding a space that works around your life rather than trying to work your life around your scrapbooking.

Once you organize your scrapbook workspace, it's easy to keep the organization bug alive by moving on to all that paper!

For more great tips on organizing and finding a scrapbook workspace check out:

This e-book gets beyond simply organizing and also has tips to help you decorate as you organize. The colorful nature of this craft lends itself to some great decorating ideas - which you'll find here. Organized AND good may find you never want to leave your scrapbook workspace!

Overwhelmed with scrapbook organization? Having trouble trying to organize your scrapbook workspace? Let us help!

If you live in the Greater Chicago Area or Northcentral Wisconsin, professional scrapbook consultants are available to help you organize your scrapbook workspace so it stays that way.

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