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Quickly create creative layouts using magazine scrapbooking! There are many magazines with great scrapbook ideas in them. Scraplifting is the art of taking a layout you see in a magazine and translating it to fit your photos, style, and ability.

There are some who believe that using layouts found in magazines is cheating, but I say, why reinvent the wheel? If another scrapbook designer has found a great layout design combination, why not use those elements on your own pages?

Another benefit to magazine scrapbooking is that it can be a huge help for those moments of 'scrapper's block.' We've all been there:

You find yourself staring at a stack of pictures, paper, and embellishments (all perfectly color coordinated of course) but inspiration is sorely lacking. You have no ideas - not even a thought about where to begin.

Well, these are the moments when I pull out one of my favorite scrapbook magazines and just start flipping through. Usually I see an element on one of the layouts in the magazine that gives me an inspiration about where to start.

Take, for example, this page about coloring Easter eggs:

Scrapbook ideas

It was inspired by a layout in the Scrapbooks, etc. April 2012 issue (page 30).

Magazine Scrapbooking

You can see that I didn't copy the original layout exactly. I really liked the spring banner at the top of the page, so I incorporated that into my page along with the long skinny photos that I adapted from a 4 photo series in the original to a 3 photo series that better fit the photos I was using.

Note: Scraplifting is fine for your own personal layouts, but make sure to use all your own ideas for any layouts that you want to submit for publication or contests.

In the above example, both layouts were about "eggs," so the transition was a little easier. However, magazine scrapbooking does not have to be theme-dependent. You may find a design element on a layout in a magazine that inspires scrapbook ideas not at all related to the original theme. Get creative and think outside the box when looking through the magazines seeking scraplifting inspiration.

For example, this layout:

scrapbooking ideas

Was inspired by an ad I found in Scrapbooks, etc. Nov/Dec 2007 issue:

magazine scrapbooking

Two things to notice here:

  1. The original layout that inspired me was from an advertisement in the magazine - it wasn't a featured layout or technique that caught my attention. You can truly find your inspiration anywhere.
  2. The original layout was a digital layout, but I liked the way the paper elements overlapped the photo, so I translated it to an all paper layout.

As we've mentioned before, we scrap almost exclusively in 2-page layouts. However, scrapbooking magazines layouts are primarily 1-page layouts. There are a few ways to do successful magazine scrapbooking for 2-page layouts.

Find a 2-page inspiration layout in the magazine

While most of the layouts in magazines are 1-page, you can find some 2-page layouts for inspiration.

For example, this 2-page magazine layout:

Inspired this 2-page layout:

Kickstart the Muse

You may find that you only need the one half of the layout to kickstart your inspiration and scrapbooking creativity. Remember the WI State Fair layout that was inspired by the magazine ad? I found that once I had finished that first page of the layout, my creative juices were flowing and the rest put itself together:

Put Two 1-Page Layouts Together

If, after the first page, the muse is still silent, then simply find another 1-page layout that you can use to compliment the first. I really struggled with the Coloring Easter Eggs layout above and ended up using two different magazine layouts to create the full two-page layout below:

Scrapbook ideasScrapbook ideas
Magazine scrapbookingMagazine scrapbooking

Notice that the right side of the layout looks a lot like the original, except that I turned it to better fit the photos I was using.

Magazine scrapbooking is a great way to get inspiration for your layouts. Of course, though, you'll need some magazines to get started!

We highly recommend Scrapbooks, etc. by Better Homes and Gardens. You can often find newsstand copies at craft and scrapbooking stores, or you can get a subscription here: Order subscription.

You can also get a wirelessly auto-updating subscription for your Kindle or a digital subscription for your iPad.

Other scrapbook magazines available include Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Simple Scrapbooks and more.

Once you have your magazines, what will you do with all of them? Check out our magazine scrapbooking storage suggestions to keep your inspiration easily accessible and organized.

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