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Genealogy researchers who use memory albums and scrappers who incorporate their family histories into their scrapbooks have popularized several family history page types. There is not one right way to start scrapbooking your findings. The many different organization patterns and styles you have come across while doing your research can lead to many different kinds of heritage scrapbooks. A scrapbook is, at its core, a visual storytelling technique.

Genealogy Scrapbook

Heritage Albums
Heritage pages offer glimpses of the past, branches of the family tree upon which to rest and reflect upon where we are going and where we have been. Heritage layouts preserve family history through family photos and stories. They bring to life the eras during which our forefathers and mothers lived and loved, worked and played, laughed and cried.

Family Tree Pages
Family tree layouts are another popular choice with family historians. Scrapbook artists have devised innovative layouts for genealogy family trees genealogy family trees. Some arrangements use merely pictures and names, some combine photos with brief biographical sketches, and still others may include individual anecdotes or journaling by living family members.

Heirloom Pages
Family treasures and heirlooms contribute to the generational account of a family. Often these items carry with them tales of adventure, hard work, courage, joy, woe, or simply longevity. Clearly, it is impossible to mount these inheritances on a scrapbook page, even if you had them all. What then is the solution? Drawings and photographs of the items illustrate stories and legends. These heirloom pages provide detail otherwise left to the imagination, and can add to the importance of articles passed down through the ages.

Legacy Albums
The content of a legacy album may be identical to that of a heritage scrapbook, but its presentation focuses on longevity and preservation of family documents, history and memories. Decorative touches should be minimal in a legacy album as they distract from the main items and may fall apart over time. Photo sleeves or corners work best for mounting photos; avoid adhesives, as it is currently unclear how they may affect pages and snapshots in the future.

Scrapbook Journaling

Recipe Albums
Food plays an important role in our family traditions. Whether it's the special pineapple ham that Mom makes every year for Easter or the added touch that made Grandma's brownies to die for. Creating a recipe album is a great way to tell the story of your family history through a unique lens. I have a recipe album page that includes a recipe for persimmon pudding that has been passed down through 3 generations. It includes the story of how my grandma got the recipe and baking instruction from her mother and my mom from her. It also has a few special pictures of my grandmother in the kitchen supplemented by journaling about my memories of shopping for the right kind of persimmon pulp months before Thanksgiving.

As you work on your scrapbook, always keep in the forefront of your mind the story you wish to tell. Avoid the temptation to include every item or piece of information – choose only those items that add to the story.

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