Ideas for Free Scrapbooking Layouts

Free scrapbooking layouts and ideas can come from the most unlikely places. While scrapbook magazines can offer some great ideas, finding free layout ideas can be found everywhere if you just know where to look.

On the Web

Scrapbook websites all over the Internet are a great place to look for free scrapbooking layout ideas. The easiest way to find ideas for your layouts is to simply search through the many scrapbook galleries online looking for ideas that spark your interest. Scrapbook galleries are hosted by scrapbook websites and women from all over the world submit their favorite layouts to show off their work. They are a great place to look for a wide variety of ideas in many different styles.

Be creative in your gallery searching - you may find a great wedding layout that gives you ideas for the baby page your working on. Look for layouts that have the same number and size of pictures as you to find the most useable ideas.

Check out some of these easy-to-use online galleries:

Home Decor

Look around your home for more free scrapbooking layouts and ideas. The throw pillow on your couch may have a great color palette that you want to include; and the shadow box in the den can give you some great layout suggestions and ideas.

free scrapbooking layouts
free scrapbooking layoutsPicture frames today often are more than just four wooden or metal sides, and may give you some great ideas for a new way to mat your photos.

free scrapbooking layouts

Chances are, if you like the way something looks in your home - whether that's a certain color, flower, or photo arrangement - you'll like how it looks in your scrapbook as well.

Other Magazines

Even if you don't have the money to subscribe to a scrapbook magazine , chances are you have magazines and catalogs coming to your mailbox on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Ideas for free scrapbooking layouts can be found in nearly any magazine or advertisement. Many posters and print ads follow the same basic design principles as scrapbook layouts. They use balance, color , harmony, and the rule of thirds to draw the reader's eye across the page.

For example, check out this ad found in a business magazine:

free scrapbooking layout ideas

Can't you just picture how it would look as a scrapbook layout? The placement of your photo, title, and journaling can all be based on this design. Even the color palette could be used. And the background swooshes and designs? They can give you great ideas on how to embellish the page using paper, stickers, gems, brads, etc.

Free scrapbooking layout ideas can be found all over. What looks good on a scrapbook page, looks good just about anywhere. Just open your eyes, free your mind and start scrappin'!

Other People

Don't forget one of the greatest resources out there - other scrappers! Get together with some of your friends for a scrapbook night, or consider attending a scrapbooking event - retreat, crop, etc - and you'll be amazed at how many great ideas you'll find!

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