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Most free scrapbooking ideas and money-saving scrapbook supplies come from around the home. When you find yourself in a scrapping "slump" wander through your house. Look through old shoe boxes of memorabilia, flip through the magazines and newspapers sitting next to your armchair, scour all the little drawers in the workshop. You never know where inspiration will strike or what treasures you'll find!

Old children's books and greeting cards can give you great layout ideas and provide pictures for embellishments.

Pop can tabs can be used as ribbon slides.

Old frame-style Christmas ornaments work well to mat pictures on a Christmas layout.

Silk flowers from old arrangements can be taken apart and work just as well as Making Memories Silkies.

Old baby food jars and prescription bottles can be used for embellishment storage.

Alphabet erasers and foam alphabet puzzles make great letter stamps.

Foil, bubble wrap, and cling wrap can be used for inking and creating your own patterned paper.

Cut out letters, numbers, and other die cut images from pictures you aren't planning to use in the layout.

Coated, colored paper clips, bobby pins, straight pins, and safety pins can be strung with beads or tied with fiber to make an easy embellishment.

Free Scrapbooking Ideas submitted from Scrappers Like You!

Old costume jewelry or hair ribbons can be recycled onto a scrapbook page. J. Jacobsen, OR

You can use plastic doilies for a matte behind a picture or to make patterned paper. K. Gentz, MN

Use ribbons and tags from Christmas presents to add embellishments on your scrapbook pages. P. Napoli, Ontario

Old decks of children's playing cards (Old Maid, etc)make cute embellishments for layouts with the kids' pictures. M. Tuley, TX

When looking for the tools don't go for the name brand stuff, look in the stationary aisle at WalMart or even a dollar store you'll find the same tool for at least half the price. Also, the dollar stores here all carry scrapbooking supplies. I've found paper and embellishments there for a fraction of the price of a scrapbook store. E. Reid, British Columbia

After completing a scrapbook page, I maximize the effort of matching colors, picking embellishments, etc. by keeping all the scraps together and making a quick card. If I don't have time, I keep all items together. Even the smallest scraps can be used in card making. Think how much time you've saved for the next time you need to make a card. Just grab your layout extras and the decision making has already been done! B. Gore, OK

To sharpen scissors that have the special edges try wax paper first, if they are still dull, then try aluminum foil. If they still need sharpening, then try very fine sand paper. L. Gilbert, BC

If you can't find just the right shape rubber stamp you want, cut it out of an old mouse pad, dip it in the paint and stamp. L. Gilbert, BC

Check out the sporting goods section at the fishing tackle area the have great clear boxes that have lots of dividers that are great for storing brads, eyelets, buttons and even punches. Much less expensive than some of the other storage containers. L. Gilbert, BC

Cut corners off colored envelopes with fancy cut scissors and then use as photo corners on your photos. L. Gilbert, BC

When making a shaker box for a snowy scene, use salt with a pinch of glitter. L. Gilbert, BC

Leaves and petals from the trees and flowers in my yard make great prints and also work well as a theme. Just lay out to dry them and then glue. C. Henry, MN

Keep your old clothes! I use the buttons for accents and for example I will cut up old jeans and use them as a photo mat, border, or other design element. S. Moir, ON

Cards, wrapping paper, even gift bags can be cut to make fabulous frames borders, or back drops. P. Lanceleve, NB

Use paper doilies (found in the cake decorating section) to put behind pictures or cut for corner accents on the page. These can be found in a multitude of sizes and are not very expensive. D. Wiley, TN

Scan your embellishments before using them. Later you can print it if you want to use it in another layout. You can also resize, crop, or change the colors of a great embellishment this way. A. Ortiz, FL

Use food packaging materials to store your embellishments. Plastic deli containers for flowers, large licorice containers for ribbons, many of the trays that come in various food packaging can be easily used as free scrapbook supplies.C. Toney, CA

Cardboard children's books, the pre-school type, can be transformed into very nice mini albums. Simply glue nice papers to the pages, sand and/or ink the edges and re-use. C. Toney, CA

Packing peanuts make nifty stamps to give a "textured" background to a page (you will need a large hand-full, as they do break frequently). Simply press them on an ink pad and stamp away. They are also excellent for blending chalks!! C. Toney, CA

I bought a roll of Contact paper, and covered all kinds of boxes (check boxes, stationary get the idea). Then, I used a gel pen to write on the end of the box and use them to store supplies and embellishments. P. Spaur, IN

Free scrapbooking ideas last updated: 2/7/09

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