Bargain Scrapbook Tips

Creating a bargain scrapbook does not necessarily mean creating a cheap scrapbook. Below you will find tips for scrapbooking on a budget that anyone can use. Many of the supplies below can be found in high end scrapbook stores for high end prices. We'll tell you where to look to find some of the same supplies for bargain prices. We'll even give you the secrets of finding free scrapbook supplies!

Where to Shop

Consider buying commonly used items at non-hobby stores. Bargain scrapbook supplies can be found in unlikely places.

  • Buy your page protectors at the office supply store.
  • Check out the ribbon in the clearance bin at your local fabric store.
  • Look for creative embellishments at the hardware store.
  • Stickers at the dollar store can make great cheap scrapbook materials.

Even just hopping over a few aisles can make a difference. Shopping in the non-scrapbook aisle at a store can definitely help you save a few quarters...

At my local Hobby Lobby store, alpha-numeric rub on transfers were selling for around $2.99. Just three aisles away I found some nearly identical alpha-numeric rub on transfers for less than $1/sheet! A pack of 10 coordinating buttons in the scrapbook aisle at Michael's can cost almost $5 depending on the brand name - a tube of over 100 buttons in the fabric aisle cost me $1.99!

Being creative in where you shop can often save you as much as clipping coupons or hitting up clearance aisles at scrapbook-specific stores.

Make a List

It's well known that people who make a list before they go to the grocery store spend less than those who don't. Shopping for bargain scrapbook supplies is no different. Unfortunately, it's hard to make a scrapbook shopping list - especially if you're taking advantage of our How to Make a Scrapbook (step #3). Can you imagine trying to find the right color paper to go with your picture? What would your list say?

1 sheet 12 x 12 greenish blue cardstock - light green, almost mint, with a hint of baby blue - not too dark

2 sheets yellow pattern paper - something with white and orange flowers very lightly printed, almost like a watermark

ABC stickers - orangey yellow pastelish - not too bold

It would take you more time to write up a list like that than it would to create the whole album! Instead, consider taking your pictures and some supplies with you to the store. If you shop by layout, you will spend less money on paper that isn't the right color or stickers that don't exactly match. Before you go, sit down with your pictures and look through the paper, stickers, and scraps you already have. See if you have anything that will match or will give you a layout idea. The less you buy, the less you spend!

Better than Cheap...Free!

We try to stay updated on all the different ways scrapbook artists are using items you can find around the house in their scrapbooks. What is better than finding a great bargain scrapbook supply? Finding a free scrapbook supply! Click here for the latest and greatest free and bargain scrapbook tips. Updated regularly as we come across new ideas!

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