Acrylic Scrapbook Albums

Working with an acrylic scrapbook allows you to view multiple page elements at a time. These tips and suggestions on working with acrylic albums will give you the confidence you need to jump right in.

Transparent pages make scrapbooking fun. In these stunning albums, transparency becomes a design element. Clear acrylic pages allow you to view multiple pages at a time. When seen together, the elements tell a story. With these fun ideas for filling your space, you will enjoy working with transparency and your creativity can flourish.


ou'll need an acrylic album to start. Clear albums come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From tags and houses, to tabs and can find an acrylic scrapbook to fit any project.

You can also make your own acrylic album from Dura-Lar clear film. It comes in a variety of thicknesses: .007, .010, and .020 (the heaviest). Dura-Lar is an archival quality plastic that is chemical resistant, non-yellowing, and non-tearing. Using Dura-Lar, you can create any size and shape album. )Instructions for a Do It Yourself Acrylic Scrapbook .)


You can use any of your favorite embellishments in an acrylic scrapbook. However, some types of embellishments work especially well with the transparency of a clear album. Rub-ons, transparency overlays, clear stickers, markers, sheer ribbon, stamps, and double-sided paper work especially well.


Rub-ons really work great on clear pages. You can see the design right through both sides of the page. Just rub the design right onto the clear acrylic page. You can also use Rub-Onz Transfer Film. Simply run it through your computer to print inkjet images and words on the film. Then, rub the design on anything.

Acrylic Scrapbook GiraffeAcrylic Scrapbook Camel

The rub-ons used on this page compliment both the pictures on the giraffe side and the camel side. The rub-ons show through the transparent page and give you two embellishments for the price of one!

Stamps & Ink

Rubber stamps add wonderful details and images to clear pages. An added bonus is that the image shows on both sides of each page. When stamping on acrylic, be sure to use a solvent based ink like Staz-On. Apply the stamp image directly to the transparent film and allow to dry.

Don't be afraid of using words as embellishment on your acrylic album. They will show through (see the elephant/zebra page below), but the colors and style of the letters can add to the overall look and feel of the album, even if they appear backwards on the reverse page.

Acrylic Scrapbook ElephantAcrylic Scrapbook Zebra
For another great look using Staz-On ink, tint the edges of your album pages with an ink pad. Pat gently around the edges of the clear film with the ink pad or a make-up sponge dipped in an ink pad. Allow to dry.

Transparency Overlays

Like the other clear embellishments, transparencies make great embellishments on acrylic scrapbooks. Again, these transparencies can be seen through both sides of the page.

Acrylic Scrapbook CoverAcrylic Scrapbook Lion

See how the transparent overlay of this page works to add visual impact to both sides of the page.

Markers & Pens

There are a number of different ways to use markers and pens on your transparent pages.

Trace Patterns

For accuracy, tape a patter, design, or word under clear page. Trace right over the pattern.


Draw freehand scrolls, lines and marks. Or can mark through plastic design templates or trace over a pattern.

Souffle Pens

At first you won't see the Souffle ink. Be patient and after a minute it will appear like magic!

Slick Writers

These pens have find tips and make wonderful marks on acrylic pages. They are great for journaling and come in several colors.

Acrylic Scrapbook PeacockAcrylic Scrapbook Hippo

The pen doodling done on this page was done with Slick Writers in brown and black. Notice how the doodling adds appeal to both pages.


Ahhh paper! The love of all those who scrapbook. Because transparency is such an important design element in your acrylic scrapbook, it is important not to use too much paper. However, patterned paper used in certain places can add a little visual pop to your pages. Especially great is double-sided patterned paper; however, if you do not have double-sided paper you can make some of your own by gluing two pages together - patterns out.

Acrylic Scrapbook MonkeyAcrylic Scrapbook Cheetah

On this page, a little touch of cheetah spots patterned paper adds to the page, but doesn't overpower the transparent elements. As a nice bonus, the cheetah paper was double-sided with brown on the back so the see-through side worked well on the monkey page.


Attaching accents to a transparent page can be tricky given that any adhesive you use may be seen on the reverse side of the page. The adhesives below are listed from most transparent to least transparent.

Diamond Glaze adhesive is very clear and makes a fine thin line of glue. It works best with flat and paper accents.

Glossy Accents adhesive makes a clear line with a bit of bulk. It works best with flat paper accents and with small ribbon.

E6000 & Goop tube glues squeeze out in small globs or pads of glue. The pads work with dimensional accents.

Zots handy pads of glue are available on a strip of tape. Position them where you want, then adhere almost anything.

Double-sided Tape is easy to use when it is in a tape dispenser. It has great adhesion, especially for paper and film.

Scrapbook Adhesive is available in a line of clear tape. It works great with photos and paper accents.

How to Hide the Back Side

Because your acrylic scrapbook pages are clear, special steps should be taken to hide adhesives or elements that show on the back side of the pages. You can hide adhesives or elements by placing a photo and colored mat on the back. You can also add cardstock, decorative paper or chipboard on the back. This is a great place to add journaling. Or simple, place a large flower or stickers. Stickers often come in pairs so you can place a mirror sticker on the back.

Following these simple tips and ideas can get you a great start on your acrylic scrapbook. Experiment with fun ways to use old familiar accents and materials. You just may find a new medium that you'll love working with!

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